Wear your wisdom.

Tone-1 ‏‏‎ ‎Nocturnal‏‏‎ ‎ $99 + $10/month.

You've got a lot going on.

You're full of

experiences musings perspectives adaptations discoveries cultures bonds observations aesthetics myths dreams reflections patterns journeys philosophies archetypes interpretations emotions legends symbols immersions stories uncertainties imaginations metaphors concepts challenges connections aspirations ideas styles insights possibilities revelations collaborations beliefs narratives perceptions curiosity traditions explorations conversations contemplations feelings encounters expressions transformations moments memories themes sensations interactions meanings inspirations lessons questions dialogues impressions environments characters compositions teachings epiphanies rituals mysteries struggles paradoxes awakenings influences relationships principles fantasies experiments movements motifs practices techniques analogies values muses theories worldviews wonders harmonies histories creations associations ambiguities societies coincidences languages rhythms communities materials intricacies circumstances elements structures silences passions contradictions identities juxtapositions ceremonies complexities enchantments allegories dichotomies intuitions synchronicities abstractions moods energies nuances customs confluences nostalgia paradigms spirits psychologies sensibilities mentalities eccentricities auras instincts

and that's lowkey a lot to
keep track of.






Often times our
fall through the cracks.

Introducing Tone,the pendant thats always paying attention, so you never forget again.

Tone captures your lived experiences, your conversations, your ideas, your to-dos, automatically.

And helps you apply them to make
smarter decisions and more creative choices.

So whether you're
your next
creative endeavor.

Or just trying to remember
to take out the recycling.

Tone pulls from your past
to aid with your future, with
a personal AI that truly knows you.

Tone comes in seven
beautiful finishes.

And matches your style.

Accessories coming soon.

Batch 1 (1000 units) will ship Q4 2024.

Stay tuned for more on features, accessories, and beta testing.